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New Generation prayer mat. Don’t allow any physical discomfort in your praying experience. SalatPro helps to relieve your stressed and strained muscles. It is also soft on joints and muscles. It also helps to improve energy levels, provides balanced support and comfort in all praying positions.

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Tasbeeh Prayer Beeds

Since the time of our Prophet (PBUH), a tasbeeh has been used by Muslims to spiritually get closer to Allah (SWT). Now you can practice your Dhikr (remembrance of Allah) in comfort and at your own pace with this premium quality, wooden tasbeeh. With 100 beads, this tasbeeh is perfect as a gift to yourself, and your loved ones, so you can spiritually connect, at any time and any place.

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The covering of Holly Kaaba known as “Kiswah”. It is one of the most significant sign of respect and adoration for Holly Kaaba. Kiswah is made in blocks design, each block has magnificent sacred inscriptions which are woven into fabric.


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